Timer broken cant seem to fix it.

Having a problem with this timer. keep rewriting it but I seem to be making silly mistakes.

[lua]<span class=“highlight”>timer</span>.Create( “TrainRemove_”…CurTime(), 5, 1, function() if not IsValid(train) then return end train:Remove() end)end[/lua]

Uhh what’s the problem?

Be more descriptive rather than saying “it’s broken”.

Is it erroring? What exactly is it doing unexpectedly?

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God damnit, ninja’d by the same person again.

Lmao hold on I’ll re post the error when I get home sorry. give me like an hour just sent it from my phone.

wtf is this? “<span class=“highlight”>timer</span>.Create” and why do you have html in your lua

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also http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/timer/Create
if you are only going to have a timer run once I suggest you use this instead: