Timer Failed

I’m a bit of a lua n00b. Could someone tell me how this part of my code is causing this error?

[ERROR] addons/dismembersaw_ttt/lua/weapons/chainsaw/shared.lua:133: attempt to call method 'StripWeapon' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - addons/dismembersaw_ttt/lua/weapons/chainsaw/shared.lua:133

Timer Failed! [Simple][@addons/dismembersaw_ttt/lua/weapons/chainsaw/shared.lua (line 133)]

if self:Clip1() < 1 && self.Owner:GetAmmoCount(self:GetPrimaryAmmoType()) < 1 then
	timer.Simple(0, function() self.Owner:StripWeapon(self:GetClass()) end) 

Server: Player:StripWeapons( ); for all weapons

If it’s in the SWEP do self:Remove( ); server-side for that weapon.


I had the same problem but this will make bottom of the page.