Timer Help

Hey guys,

So i got a entity and i want to add a timer into the Initialize(). With this timer i want it to add like 1 point for every minite that the entity is spawned. Once the entity is alive for like 5 mins then i want to use the Use() and based on the timer’s variable, i want to give the owner money. i tryed adding a variable to the timer in its function but it just gives me a nil value when i use the entity. Any help guys?

function ENT:Initialize()
Use = false
	timer.Simple(300, 1, function()
		Use = true
-- all your other stuff

function ENT:Use( activator, caller )
	if not Use then return else
		if ( activator:IsPlayer() ) then
			local money = activator:GetNWBool("money")
			activator:SetMoney( money + 500 )

Something like that