Timer Simple always Failing...

Hey guys. Recently I have been pimping Excl’s Jailbreak and added loads of stuff. Now the stuff works perfectly and is great. But what ever it is, if it has a timer simple, the timer fails. Is it that the timer cant count?! (lol)
Help plz <3

Post your code.

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And error.

Try ‘un-pimping’ Excl’s Jailbreak and see if it works then

Lol… Already tried. I think every addon I use also does it. Not sure why.

We can’t help you if you don’t post your code.

What addons are you running?

Why do you guys even bother trying to help someone who doesn’t even take their time helping us help them?

Hi asshole! If you look on the Development discussion board I have helped allot. Try find my name in some threads.

That’s not even what I wrote. I was referring to the fact that you failed to specify anything that could help us identify your problem.
And frankly, I really, really hope that you don’t help people a lot. We don’t need more people who give misleading advice and can’t even handle a bloody timer.