I think that that is an appropriate title.
Basically, I am just now getting into lua and specifically script-making for Garry’s Mod. I have a long history of coding languages such as C++ (which I gave up after a year for XNA / C#; I am yet to test what I do and don’t remember but I’ll get around to it.), C#, PHP, Javascript and Java, and I am guessing that lua will follow much the same syntax as these other languages, so things like that I should be able to understand at a glance.

Anyway, onto the main question;
I own a DarkDM server (please ignore this and just try to help me) and have decided that a good place to start would be learning 2 things;
(1) - How to execute rcon / console commands
(2) - Timers (Or what I assume will be recognized as a “timer”.)

I have had a little look into it and am yet to find anything that has told me what I want to know, and so have decided to do the[sp]lazy[/sp]best thing and ask on here how I can perform these two actions with each other.
(For example, by timer I mean "execute an rcon / console command once every X minutes)

Thanks in advance.

The wiki is back up? Oh…
Well, thanks for the help! :slight_smile: