Timescale Broken?

Hi … I am not sure if I am the only one. I am a server owner and I like to build bases and then record them and do timelapses.

Now the sky and lighting is much better with the latest update … I wanted to go and redo the timelapses.

Long story short … I tried to do what I usually do and do the … env.timescale “1.0” … console command but for some reason, today it isn’t working.

Is this just me or has the latest update broken that command somehow.

Thanks guys.

I read something about it being broken, yes.
Sorry, I don’t have any source nor am I 100% sure. But I’m 85% sure…

It’s env.daylength/nightlength now I think

Was the day / night durations changed by default this patch?

The server I usually play on (I’m not an admin), the day seems to go by in like ten minutes flat, night about the same ish. Didn’t day time used to be like 45-50 minutes? I can verify the server admin has not altered the day night cycle in anyway, just applied the latest patch.

I have the same feeling.

It feels like food goes down a lot faster as well.

No they are the same as they were ( day = 45 mins, night = 15 mins )