Timespent Bad Company Rank system

i downloaded once this file http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=36268 and i saw that it was a remake of the original timespent ,

the big idea was to add instead of navy ranks the bad company ranks with the original ranking sounds like , its an honour to serve for you general ( or somethin like that shit)

also , if someone takes the job , here are the pics from the ranks


Could I get a screenshot of how ranks are places on screen on bad company?


its just the icons like they are in this link

Yes but I want to see an example of when your in game how it shows them icons

It doesn’t show them on the HUD.

oh but those are the pictures from the hud itself , it is converted


it comes at the top and it swings 1 time to the right and then it is straighten

Bump, but I’m working on it.

Check it out.

The only thing is making 50 vtfs take a little while…

And since I am not good with lua much at all I can’t add the voices :ninja:

if it counted my over all steam play time i’d be like 51 hah

Okay, it is done. The actual “time spent” to get to certain ranks isn’t perfect, though.


I love timespent mod, but I can’t rank up I can’t pass rank 1. When I reach time that I should rank up, time meter just goes into " - " amount of time and still keeps going and do nothing. Any advices to help me? or is It bug that needs to be fixed? If It’s the bug then fix it please. :slight_smile:

yea it keeps going with me too