Timesplitters 1 models

I need ts1 models. Can anyone help


If you put more description into your request and I think ps1 models cannot be ported, so I don’t think its gonna happen. (sorry)

Actually, TS1 is for PS2 (and exclusively, for that matter; it was among the first games to be released for the console). I do not know the entire ins and outs of ripping and porting models, but undertaking this request may take some time do if quality rigging is our primary concern. Also, which characters are you most interested in seeing first?

Skull Zombie, Jacket Zombie, Girl Zombie, Brown Zombie, Police Zombie, Overall Mutant, Green Zombie, Fishwife Mutant, Hick Hyde, Shock Trooper, Veiled SWAT, Ravelle Velvet, Insect Mutant, Farrah Funbunny, Green Alien, Red Alien, Float Alien, Female Alien, Pillar Alien, Both of the Timesplitters, Priest Mutant, Badass Cyborg, Siamese Cyborg, Mr.Big, Female Cyborg, Teeth Mummy, Eyes Mummy, Gretel, R108, Tuxedo Cyborg, Spaceways Stewardess

Those are my absolute MUST HAVES


Some guy ported them. Someone will just have to find them.

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I already have that pack I am looking for Timesplitters 1 models


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