Timesplitters Arcade

So, Timesplitters model ripping has begun. We already have one model in the game after very little time. I was thinking, Due to the fact of timesplitters 4 not being released. We could do something on here?

Now for anyone who has played timesplitters, You will all know the arcade mode. Select your character, Choose your bots and battle. Ofcourse gmod cannot run bots as far as i am aware so the next best thing would be NPC’s with some neat features that emulate bots

Toughness shown in stars. 1Star = Weak… 3star = Average… 5Star = Tough

Whenever you spawn the NPC, You can also choose to have it respawn after death. Again, Emulating the timesplitters arcade. This will work good with AI_Disable. You could spawn the NPC’s you want and enable the AI to have a battle for aslong as you want it due to the respawns/IF enabled.

For this project we will need someone that can code npc’s and create all of the above ^^



A pipe dream it may seem, But i thought it was impossible to find someone to help me rig the models for gmod. I succeeded, So whats the harm in trying to get a few npc’s and cool arcade features in aswell!

Willing to pay for services provided!

Show support, And reply if you are interested in helping out

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Nostalgia’d all over my keyboard


any chance you could get the TS:FP models? they are higher poly.

TS:FP has a hard time running on dolphin :confused: But i could try

Come on, I need a recruit for the npc’s plus NPC menu. I’ll repeat i will pay for services

Hey you guys could help us out! we are currently bringing timesplitters to gmod for online gameplay and later single player and we need character riggers who can make player models

Here is our website

we are bringing back most maps,weapons,characters and game modes back we love to see you guys helping out with the player models :slight_smile:

Add me on steam JustinTheEnd if you interested :smiley: