TimeSplitters Future Perfect

This seems like the right place to post this.

I’ve been trying to port the models from TimeSplitters Future Perfect to source for a while now and haven’t been able to succeed. I know that it’s possible because ports of the models exist already but there aren’t that many characters included.

I found a QuickBMS script designed to extract the chr.pak file from the PS2 version of the game, but when I attempt to use it, the resulting models are extremely broken and their geometry is all fucked up.

The script is found here.

I ran into a dead end there, I can’t find any other such script to extract textures or models.

I’d really like to get a bunch of models ported for use in addons and such.

Finally another timesplitters fan to eh? nice to find one haha, i used the BMS script on the TS2 models and still got the fucked up geometry you get, i remember messaging the creator about it and he was saying something about him not knowing how the models are exported or somethin.

I know that feeling, lol.

I’ve tried contacting the person who I think originally ported the models to no avail, Additionally this script doesn’t seem to deal with textures, so i’m still left wondering how to port those.

i’d say your best bet is to just rip the models off the dolphin emulator, only problem is the models come out crook-ed and are unfortunately unfixable :\

Man TSFP was such a awesome game.

i haven’t had any luck grabbing models from the game, but i’ve managed to grab textures and such.

from what I can tell, to get models you need 3d ripper, which grabs the WHOLE scene that is rendered so you need to manually isolate models.

so in other words, a massive pain.
At least we have a full size mr space.

Bumping because I just found that the gamecube version of the game contains a “c2n” file alongside it’s chr.pak. This looks like it contains addresses for the models in the game but I don’t have the technical know how to use it.

string dump here

Holy shit they got all the hand rigs and everything, it’d be incredible if you could manage to export the models out :smiley:

From what I can tell, these c2n files seem to be files leftover from when the models were put into the pak, It doesn’t seem the addresses correspond to objects inside the PAK file. It seems to just be a dead end.

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So, so far we’ve got textures and filenames, but no models.

Well, progress is progress i suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

I found a method of manually extracting models using cheat engine and some other stuff, but it’s a very long and tedious process. I got about halfway through before I gave up.

The guide can be found here, to get a chr.pak file, open a TSFP PS2 iso with winrar and extract it.

Eugh, I tried to follow that shit aswell; kinda like I was saying before, best way to get the models is to rip em using the dolpin emulator :confused:

I’ve successfully managed to rip a model into blender, but I need someone who can rig it so I can get it into garry’s mod as a playermodel. I have no experience rigging models and i’m not sure how hard it is.

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