Timesplitters Gamemode People Needed

Hi i currently made a page 10 mins ago requesting for a project on timesplitters if you are a better mapper than making game modes then here is a link for the request forum for mappers


Timesplitters was a very famous game for 2 gamemodes

Virus - Much like zombie survival but instead of killing the remaining players you must simply touch them.

Flame Tag - One player starts as the flamer and must touch another person in order to not be the flamer anymore the winner is the person who has had the least amount of time being the flamer.

as you have read these are two good gamemodes im aware there is a virus gamemode on gmod website but it is buggy and im a mapper more than a person who can create gamemodes.

plse if you are here to moan about this then don’t you will only be wasting your time there will be a website up soon concerning the timesplitters to gmod project if you do help obviously you will be listed in the credits of every video and i would thank you lots i am a experienced mapper working on the project most days because i know many people will enjoy this project when released fully. oh yeh and forgot to mention you will be allowed to test maps first hand before any testers or any one.

Website Is Up!