Timesplitters models need compiling

Hello, i have been rigging timesplitters models for the past few days. If anyone could help applying phys models and compiling into Gmod it would be much appreciated. You’re name will go down in the credits, we need as much compilers as possible due to the amount of characters i am planning to do.

I will have updates soon to my progress, if you are interested them please private message me and reply to this thread.

Thank you

(( I cant tell if this is a request or WIP that needs help so if this is the wrong section then please move the thread into the requests page ))

I would happily help you learn how to compile, but i’m too busy to compile for you.

I guess I can rig phymodels, but it depends. If it’s a human or bipedal character, great. If it’s a giant 7 foot tall robot that wants you to eat it’s laser, then it would need a more complicated phymodel that I may not be able to do.


I can compile as well.

Thank you for the replies.