Timesplitters models?

Would someone be able to port the models from the ps2 game timesplitters?

P.S becca is the best


I second this request… this would be totally wicked.

This task must be taken on by someone, for the love of all that is holy we need Jo-Beth Casey and Cortez. That zombie section of the third game was one of the most hilarious and awesome experiences I had on last gen systems, and it’s a shame that nothing from this brilliant franchise has been ported yet.

Note: It WAS on gamecube, so perhaps a port of the models from the cube version then apply textures from a higher res rip (xbox/ps2/etc) to balance it out?

Edit: Let’s get some reference imagery up in this piece to help along whoever might take up this task …






Do not forget
Timesplitters 2 Future Perfect!

The gamecube vesion of Timesplitters looks like the ps2 version…

Edit: I have Timesplitters2 and Timesplitters Future Perfect. (gamecube)
But I do not know how to rip models from a gamecube game.

Bonus points for Swingin’ Tipper. (not really). I don’t know how many people like seeing weird disco men in skirts.

When I learn to port, I’lll port these and keep them as personal models. I don’t want a public release. :frowning:

How selfish!!

Hehehe, I would release them, but one at a time.

Ah thank you, It would be much appreciated

When I learn to port, or even IF I learn.

But if I do learn, this is my top priority.


Also TS4 is in the works.

Yeah TS4 has been tooken over by crytek i think

Anyway, Can anyone port these models and rig them?

I dunno, the only guy who I know has done porting before is mariokart64n

Oh yeah he done a model for me once. I wonder if he’s still about?

Timesplitters yay, robofish!!!

shakes fist


Deep Diver!! John Smith!!

I ought to dig this out and play it again

mario is currently working on a resident evil pack and dxdxp can also port models but he is also working on a specific pack at the moment. I beleive you need an emulator and 3dripperdx to port models form gamecube games but I could be mistaken

Rip these models… for great justice. Man, Timesplitters was awesome. Future Perfect = Win
But what we really want is some of those weapons ported, theres like 80 different ones!