Timesplitters To Gmod Lua Scripter's Needed!

Update 29/07/2010


Come To Our Website And See What Your About To Join

Hi my names Justin and me and a team of people are currently working on a project to bring timesplitters back to gmod however we are in short supply with Lua Scripters most of the team are mappers and we have few musicians on the team we are looking for a person will skill within the Lua Scripting community to help us out.

This will include helping out scripting in game modes here for example is a easy one and a slightly harder one

Deathmatch - Person with most kills wins (Easier One)
Virus - Survival one person starts as the “virus” and must infect other players by just touching them once touched the player also becomes a virus and must catch more players the last remaining player wins. (Slightly Harder)

We also need help with online play this will include the shop which will include buying characters which leads me on to the next part money we need it so where your position is in a match is the amount of money you earn for example 1st Place :$10 2nd Place: $20 and so on and so on

If you would like to help then add JustinTheEnd in steam all information can be discussed there in more detail also if you would like to see the team working on the project this can be done by clicking the website and then clicking the credits page showing you all members and where they are working at in the project.

Like the idea of Timesplitters coming back in action? But are having trouble with scripts and the mambo jumbo it comes with?

Then look at the links below and see where else you can help through the project.

Mapping (6 More Mappers Required)

Characters Requests/Modelers Needed! (5 More Modelers Required)

Music (Any amount of musicians are allowed with in the project)

All information above is within the website so please just check it out for updates with in the project

Who is currently working on the project, who is this experienced coder, do you have a design of what the game is going to be like, from joining the server to playing so that any coders that join up will have a clear overview of the project and are you trying to port the whole game?

Thank you for your reply i will update the description if people like yourself are struggling to understand the project.

I have now updated the thing telling the reader what sort of things they will help in.
Where they can see the team working on the project
Also what parts of the game we are working on can be seen on the website (It said tht before)

You might already know, but I thought that I’d tell you there is a virus gamemode on garrysmod.org that you could look at. I don’t know if it works or not though. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=25845

Also are you making these as two seperate gamemodes or integrating them together like fretta does or something else?

just to clear this up, you want 2 gamemodes and a website hookup for free?
People pay alot of money for 1 gamemode by itself, not 2 and a webhookup, just sayin’.

i am aware of a game mode on gmod called virus however the game mode is glitchy and tends to fault one in a while

can i join as a mapper?

By all means yes just add me on Steam - JustinTheEnd and we can talk about your mapping skills and what map you would be willing to do :slight_smile:

GMOD Tower has Virus as one of their gamemodes, exact HUD etc.