Tims half - life 2 roleplaying server is now recruiting !

Newly formed server Tims land hl2rp

Greetings everyone and all, I am here today to speak to you about a new server known as Tims Land Serious Hl2RP. Now many of you may know this server and think of the bad days, that has all gone now we are a fully roleplaying hl2rp server. We have begun a new way, but we still have a problem. The population on the server is rather low, we get 4 to 10 players a night we need you to come and join our community and server.

We have begun with our new ranking system and much more !
My name is TeeGee I am just a normal player that has been with Tims land for many months In my opinion this is the best dam server I’ve ever been on. Now most of you will still think this server is bad and stuff but I do swear it has changed a whole lot. We have new admins and operators for the server. They are coming up with some new ideas to improve the server right now !

If you are a child that has no roleplay experiance you may join, but if you are willing to also learn the roleplay that is fine. If you join and be a minge not wanting to learn you will be kicked or even banned, but if you are one of those players that want a new experiance in roleplay may I suggest this server for you.

We can’t wait to see you all on there!

Map : Rp_c18

This map is based in a city a dark and damp place really, the slums a dark and gloomy place full of citizens and a rebellion seeking to kill the combine ( Universal Union ) The plaza, a place where the combine are based alot there is also a place known as the 45th apartments that is where the citizens are based there are many more apartments around the area and shops for the citizens to live and make some money. Your life as a citizen is good but sometimes it can get out of hand, if you do as your told and live your life well you will be fine. But there are those who wish to do it there own way you could say those type of people are known as Anti-citizen they will be amputated or detained. The Subway an abandoned train station empty and with ruined trains, people don’t tend to go down there because of the risk of an Exogen. There is also the nexus the combines HQ you could say this place has in it : The Armory, The lockdown room the administors office and a prison for citizens to be detained. There is also a bar that place is full of citizens sometimes a few members of the resistance, the resistance also use it as a secret hidout for operations or other connections around the city. There are many many more places but telling you it all would ruin the experiance come on and find other locations, secrets buildings and more !

Admin infomation

We have some new admins which you will already know, these admins are here to help and make your roleplay just that little bit better. They also stop the noobs from ruining “YOUR” Roleplay, we take our server seriously if you are not prepared to roleplay don’t join the server.

New people

After you have read this page and still want some more infomation Scroll down to our website and you will find out more and what you need to know, there will also be a guide for you how to roleplay get along with other players etc, etc…

Server website

Server IP


Hope to see you soon !

why does this server keep getting advertised over and over

Sorry, I’m just adding more infomation I’m not editing it anymore.

IS it any different than other HL2 roleplay servers out there?

Tim’s Land is no good. DM fest… And also just edit your post and bump the thread

I like how you bothered to read the post :slight_smile: Also if we were that bad you really think a normal player like me would go into all this for a shit server like your so called story explains ?


Why yes we have many events that most hl2rp servers out there wouldn’t do, we also have new types of passive roleplay etc, as from that we have new weapons ranking system. It’s all good.


If your one of the people that see Tims land and post DM fest why do that ? in the text it says “Newly formed” So I guess you don’t know anything that is new on the server that is the old days mate we have stopped it all.

Yes you would because you don’t know that it sucks.

I love how you dont bother to read the post, I’ve been on there for a few months now enough to know what the fuck is going on you perverted poof.


And no. I mean as the owner, your blinded to the bad things of your server. Happened to me also for a while

I love how you bother to read the text: Tim didn’t fuck around on the server when roleplay was going on it was because the server was low populated and 2-3 players were on if alot of players joined he would stop and begin an event as I remember he fucked around alot when no players were on or 3-4 players were on, after more joined he made civil protection events

So I don’t know where you get your storys from the server is fine if there were fucking around I’m sure it wouldn’t be Tim doing it on a populated time line, why not join now and find out for yourself oh wait the server is not populated so Tim could be fucking around…

I never said he abused… Read my post.

Owners tend to not see the faults of their servers. Your defintely giving this community a good rep by say “fucking” alot.

I never said the owner was bad did I?

Tim/the Manager would NEVER mess around when there was a heavy number of people on. We all RPed together, the admins administrated.

Aced, all I’ve seen from you is your saying the server is bad, how is it bad?

I NEVER SAID HE ABUSED… Tim is a good owner… Sadly the server is a DM fest

Yea it’s really a bad DM fest apart from the fact the server has 2-3 players on a night…

Exactly Thank you

How can the server be a DM fest when we started anew? We need players to get the server running, we’re now working on the structure of it.

This server is not even close to a DM server.

That was a sarcastic comment Aced.

Sarcasm doesn’t work over the internet.

And when I played this. DM Fest.

The forum is actually quite nice.
But maybe you should put some **** tags on the headlines?
I might check out the new ranking system.

Aced I give up on you man, why not read before you post. Everything you have been talking about has been said in the post “I did” we have fixed it all everysingle last spec of detail is new…