[Tim's Land] SpaceBuild 3 Server

The Tim’s Land, SpaceBuild 3 Server, is up and Fully Running.

We Run Mostly all the mods for Spacebuild possible, No Errors found, Smooth Gameplay, Free of lag.

Build anything you want, on any planet you want.

We Encourage RolePlay alongside of building, Build a ship and take it to Intergalactic war!
Or, if thats not your thing.

Take your time, and Setup a Beastly Station, that fits you.

Earth is a Safe Zone, Never Fear of Having your stuff destroyed by random Passer-by’s.

The Latest in all mod’s, Kept up to date with each new release.

Special Donation Privileges, that enhance your building Experiance.

We are open to all Suggestions, Got a mod you want added? or a map? go ahead and tell us!

15 Slot Server, Tested at Full. And tested to its max props, No lag detected.

No Server Crashes.

Scheduled Update’s Every Week to ensure we are the best of the best.

So, Feel Free to stop on by.

Check out the Addon’s and Requirements for the server here:

Rules and Admins here:

Community Site here:

Server IP:

Another Tims Land advert? Just make a community advert.

Lol, We need a population badly. our server went down for like a month, then came up with some lag. and now our population is dead. we need a playerbase badly.

You have a full darkRP server. Just make a thread advertising every server. Not 1 for each

Dear god, I’m not going here now. This is almost the 4th Advert i’ve seen about this Tims Land crap.

I can fix that

What PHX version is on this server? I have only errors instead of PHX
Oh no, my mistake, forget to export it.