Tiny ass text in Darkrp (etc.) menus

I dont know whats causing this here have a screen shot


Same problem

Fine for me. All servers or just one?


I get this issue when I minimize my Garry’s Mod, restarting Garry’s Mod fixes it for me.

I don’t even get it after minimizing GMod.

This happens on all servers

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I still get it after restarting

for some reason on my friends ttt server the text for items and prices in the pointshop is tiny, anyone know how to fix this?

A lot of gamemodes use ScreenScale to get a font size that is scaled to your resolution. If you join a server with gmod minimized then your ScreenScale will return a very small number, hence small text.
Simply avoid minimizing your game while joining a server. You’ll be able to minimize thereafter without issues.