tiny HUGE GMod

I had the idea that you could make a LBP kind of game-mode for garrys mod, the gamemode would include a custom spawn menu, levers you could grab on to, better modeled thrusters, wheels, some new stuff like hinges that connect to the thing behind it (thinking in 2d now, but its plausable) u could also add maybe chains, and… well you get the idea.

why should those who only have, PC, or maybe you have xbox, but still, we shouldnt have to wait for the lousy EA-create, wich has like zero grapghics quality so far, and basically just plays physics movies.

i hope the someone will find this a good idea and imbrace “Little HUGE GMod”

oh and please comment :wink:


So you want to recreate ‘Little Big Planet’ as a Source gamemode? I guess that would be kind of cool.

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Awesome idea, with the platform jumping :smiley:

god yes

You like it until someone grabs you in the middle of a jump and leads you to the death screen… WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!

Anyways, LBP sounds great. I remember playing that game. I still have it, kinda dusty though.

Thank you very much for your advice. I am from sweden, so english grammar is sometimes a bit hard to remember. But i will try my best