tiny SUGGESTION: Use keyboard for codelocks

Hey there Rust enthusiasts,

TLDR: Enable numpad input for code locks to increase speed!

So I play Rust with 4 friends, we all build our own base with houses for every indiviual to spread the loot, every single one of us has their own code. We also like to build multiple bases, so everytime, I’ve to go through everyone’s house and unlock every single code lock. This gets really annoying after a while, so why not enable numPad / keyboard input? It’s not like it can be abused by scripts or anything like that because everytime you type the wrong code you lose 1 health so you can’t bruteforce a lock.
I don’t think it should be really hard to implement because you only have to keep track of the keystrokes while in the code input screen.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment if you like the idea or not, leave a suggestion to make it better if you have one too.

Well, it does lead to brute forcing locks from simple macros. If I put stacks of meat in my belt, the macro can also trivially eat some food every few tries. The barrier to doing this would be very low. (Not that its particularly high anyway).

But that same macro can be implied to mouse position clicks, so it wouldn’t change anything for bruteforcers.

It will only make it easier for people who play legit.

The 1 hp damage is not really realistic nor is it a good idea. Why not simply block attempts on a per-user basis for 1 minute, then 5 and then 10 each time 5 wrong attempts were made?

Macros could very well move the mouse around aswell…

Streamers badly need the keypad entry because right now they need to hide their screens each time entering a new code.

This would be OK with a delay, but I think it’s supposed to take you longer to do it.

That 1hp thing is already implemented, wasn’t my idea. It’s the way Facepunch handles bruteforcers well atleast, that’s what I read on Reddit. Not sure now, going to test it out tonight.