Tiny Terrors

Delicious M60.

I loved slaughtering the shit out of them in Vegas.

This gave me a good pose idea.

In a few seconds, something like this is going to happen…

Reminds me of Gremlins.

This is epic.

What’s up with that camo?

What camo? Where?

On the rebel.

And its urban camo i think.


Not your best, rossmum. The camo you added in after looks too sharp and is quite the standout. The blood’s not too bad, but it looks a little strange on the white part. Too bright, maybe. The smaller details like the bloody ear and clothing folds (I think you added those, at least) are a nice touch, though.

Hah! I love the little quarrel/wrestling match in the background.

From the angle it looks like he is resting the gun on the medic and crying… But then you pointed out he is eating it.

It’s an in-joke. :colbert:

So’s the M60.

Oh, I see it now. I know the model doesn’t normally have camo but it’s added so well I didn’t really even notice.

I love this, the fight in the background is hilarious. :buddy:

Nice but i don’t understood What is Happen

Somebody set him up the bomb.

What you say!

Also, lovely picture, great posing.

They are so cute.