Tinyships 🏴‍☠️ - The ship building, tiny pirate battling gamemode

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Tinyships is my original personal development passion project that I’m looking to turn into a fully fledged gamemode on S&Box. The main concept is that of pirate battles but taking place on a much smaller scale. Where you build a ship to fight with others on a body of water. I really want to experiment with stylizing it in such a way that makes sense with their size (so like having cannons made out of chap stick :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

Why are they tiny, what benefit does this provide?
I personally see there being a few benefits as a result to their small size

  • Maps with not much water are much easier to support for example: normal sized ships would be physically impossible on a map like gm_construct.
  • Although I have not experimented heavily with it, I really want to experiment with having ships fight with full sized VR players as a form of boss fights.
  • One of the main reasons why I made them small was in order to incorporate it into the sandbox gamemode to have a fun thing to do that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the map around them. This is less of an issue in a stand

Me testing the initial concept with some workshop dupe

Do you have any plans on how you’re going to implement this?
Yeah, I’ve been reading through a lot of the repos we have had provided to use in the time being and I really see the scene system being super useful for rendering the ships.

How do we know that you can do this, are you proficient in C#?
I will admit I’m not the best at C# only having used it casually to write the basis of a tile building game and a torrent file parser. I’m more than confident in my ability to pick up languages with great speed after eleven years of passion for computer science.

Testing my custom bullet path calculator that can enter and exit the ship entities

In conclusion
I really want to work on a passion project of mine on the platform I have been passionately following for years and I think I could really do something wonderful with it. :heart:

Me testing the idea of making spaceship based entities by making the dupe I use to test have no gravity

Interested in how this was accomplished in gmod?
Check out my open-source addon I made with what I learned from making tinyships.


Looks great and a nice idea!

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neat idea, i like! keep it up


I like

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Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. It was on hiatus on gmod as I waited for the new platform to be available but now I have enough motivation to continue working on it while I wait for access :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was testing my system to keep ships upright and positioned well in water so I decided to test it before implementing steering. It blew my mind, I’m having so much fun with this haha

Same thing in moving third person demonstrating that moving around doesn’t cause issues :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Looks like a greenscreen lol, probably because the shadows don’t change.

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Yeah, that’s one of the major downsides of me moving the world around the ship visually rather than having the ship in the physical world :pensive:

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Ship also isn’t bouncing up and down with the waves so I think it makes it feel less natural. Looks great though keep up good work :slight_smile:

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I have implemented steering, it’s still a bit bad so I definitely need to tweak it around a bit. I believe after I get that done I will start to implement cannons over the weekend.

I added some rocking on the ship but I do need to adjust it according to the current velocity of the ship.

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So fucking cool

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Since I don’t believe I’ve really properly shown off the scale or how the ships were spawned in. Although I do plan on making a proper build system in the full gamemode.

Visit here for an additional video

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Honestly love the concept of shrinking things down, I remember there was a gamemode for GMod where you were inside of a tiny ship battling other ships

Here’s hoping Source2 is nice about shrinkage

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Oh was there? Do you happen to know the name, I wasn’t aware of any such gamemode :o

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I probably should have said that in a less generic way, they were space ships and it was played on RP Downtown as part of the GModstore gamemode competition. I’m trying to find it but the name escapes me, maybe someone else might know. But I will hunt for it

But this isn’t about that gamemode, this about yours! Good luck and I look forward to it