tip for newbs: reporting / friend finder

fyi i’m assuming many already know about this, but i wanted to share for those who don’t.

first enable overlay in the game. (right-click rust under library and under the general tab)

using the overlay in the game (shift+tab), in the box where you friends are you can click the view players tab and it will bring a list of all the players on the server. this is helpful for finding friends in the game. instead of browsing through thousands of people that share the same name.

this is also extremely helpful for reporting players that are using exploits. i’m assuming that is the best course for action at the moment verses the fly’ers and speedsters (i call them wizards). i often see people running to the forums complaining about fly hacks only to be banned shortly after. instead, take action inside the game using the tips listed above and with enough reports hopefully their accounts will be looked at.