[Tip] how to ban player who raided your house

it is very simple

just go friendly with enemy as your another steam id

and give them “Nice Program” ( name modified cheat program detected by VAC )

and play while running “Nice Program”

so simple right?

VAC is stupid so many people is under the pain

if you r using steam game in another pc

you will not safe from VAC

VAC is telling us

you must play steam game only in your house with clear pc


Rename this to: [Tip] How to make an incomprehensible post.

and why would i install your “nice program”? how stupid would i be to accept files from some random on the internet, especially one that i had been raiding.

This is illegal in most if not all cases. VAC is not enabled for Rust (correct me if I am wrong) - they would get an EAC ban and post here where the EAC team would possibly review it and revert it .

VAC is very much enabled in Rust.

They would not be unbanned. Running a cheat is running a cheat, even if you’ve been tricked by someone as dumb as OP into doing it.

You’re basically saying that you want to trick someone into getting themselves banned from Rust for doing what’s basically the whole point of the game - raiding bases.

The whole idea itself is so beyond retarded that it hurts my brain. Anyone who installs some software some random person on Steam gave them is a complete moron and deserves any consequence that comes their way. I do think you’d have a pretty hard time getting people to do something that dumb. But that’s beside the point.

The point is that you want to get people banned for playing the game as it was designed to be played. I can’t even fathom how stupid you must be to think this is a good idea or an acceptable way to play the game.

Derp derp derp… Seriously? You should put Rust aside and go back to your homework, my brain hurts even reading this.

ooh, and now i have to post this:

“you have just been infected with an Irish computer virus. please kindly send this to everyone in your email address book, then format your computer. thank you.”

Enough of these stereotypes. I’ll have you know, I can download at a steady 56Kbps :suicide: