Tip on getting charcoal faster using wood and a furnace

This is just a tip for those of you who are in need of Charcoal and need it a bit faster. I discovered this when coding LightsOut for RustEssentials.
It’s a little short, but simple:

When you burn wood in a furnace, it consumes 2 every burn “cycle” (the interval is random, but every burn cycle, 2 wood is consumed and items are smelted).
When it consumes 2 wood, it produces 5 charcoal. Camp fires produce 3 charcoal for every (1) piece of wood burned.
HOWEVER if you put 1 wood in a furnace, it still gives you 5 charcoal. This is because it doesn’t check to see if you have 2 wood.
All it’s doing is trying to consume 2 wood. If you only have 1 wood, it doesn’t check - which in terms produces 5 charcoal.

Of course, you can put 1 wood in each slot of a furnace except for the last slot (leave room for the charcoal). Doing this will give you 8 slots of wood (1 each) and 1 empty slot for charcoal.
Let the furnace run and voila, 40 charcoal. At the same rate (if you put 8 charcoal in 1 slot instead of in 8 slots), you would normally get 20 charcoal.

Note that this is extremely impractical and is just for kicks for those that want to try it out.
If you did this with one stack of wood, you would receive 1250 charcoal instead of the normal 625 charcoal.

Also to my knowledge, this doesn’t seem like an exploit or a bug. Could be wrong. If I AM wrong, please just move my thread.
And also, I searched and have not found this tip anywhere else.

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Informative but nobody got time for that :smiley:

I used to have a charcoal problem because I was so anal about having the same amount of wood per ore. I would just make a bunch of campfires to get some quickly, since no wood is actually consumed making them. Now I just throw in extra wood when I am smelting.

I would say it’s a bug, that you can exploit, but no one is going to care about it. BOX FULL OF CHARCOAL! MOTHER LODE!

I always end up having tons of extra raw chicken breast.
They burn down to charcoal in a furnace. I am not sure how much charcoal each breast produces though.

I like the efficiency of doubling the charcoal output, but am not too keen on holding hands with the furnace.

If I had a bigger place, making a room for charcoal furnaces could be an option. I think it would be funny if someone targeted the charcoal room instead of the normal furnace room in an attack.

I just put your (OP) tip to use. I found myself in a new home with access to only 2 furnaces, limited storage, and a lucky find of ~1000 sulfur.
I needed to compress the sulfur for storage but didn’t want to hang out for the furnaces all day.

Getting to the point, it actually didn’t take long (I didn’t measure the time) to get it all down to a manageable level.

I tweaked it a bit for my circumstance. 6 single pieces of wood, a slot for charcoal, a slot for metal ore, and a slot for the metal.
Worked out pretty quick and I was able to get the metal cooked down too so the sulfur went straight into explosives and I made a few doors for the next expansion on the homestead.

I won’t do this for everyday processing, but it did help when I was pressed for charcoal and storage space.

Something that would be cool would be the ability to link a chest for raw materials and a chest for processed materials to a furnace and have it automatically process all items and fuel to give you more space.

I should add that.

I’m going to add that.

cough! minecraft! cough! :slight_smile: