Tips and Tricks to Surviving Rust Alpha

A general Rust survival tip thread. I suck ass at being alive in Rust, I know the fundamentals, but what really keeps you breathing after a long day of Rust?

Now I’m talking what’s the best way to survive solo or with 1 - 2 friends. (Big groups = easy as fucking cake)

I usually role like this:

  • First, I just walk around and collect metal, wood(from piles), and meat + cloth.
  • Secondly, I either make a 1 x 1 shack (RARELY) or just hide in some abandoned shack and/or house.
  • Smelt during the day, whilst collecting resources. Put out the fires and wait out the night.

By now I have a gun, ammo, and a decent loadout . . . and someone finds me and murders me with their full kevlar and M4.

So how the hell do you guys do it?

I’ve survived for months by not logging in

Shooting everyone else before they see you is another good tip

4 barricades in a square.

Get a group.

Nah guys, you do what Zsurvivalist does, what he needs to also do, would be finding area’s that aren’t commonly used such as hills and cliffs, find out where bandits live, make sure you live clear away from them as possible, find communities of people that act as neighbors, and form some type of military alliance… there are so many things you can do to prevent your death, but the best way to survive would be to be cautious around everyone, and don’t place your trust in anyone so easily.

I too am becoming incredibly frustrated. I need to find a group. I first setup shop on a PVE server and built a giant house near Big Radtown and became Robin Hood with a bow and farmed Zombies easily. Ok im ready for the big time. I join a server of about 60 with good pings. Over the weekend I was killed as a rock carrier over 20 times. I run the other way when I see anyone. I try to find out the way areas to build my shack. But when I get a bow built and head to farm some zombies or collect more food I get shot or a pick axe in the back. Rad towns are for sure death. I found an assault rifle fast once with 6 ammo. Lasted about 3 minutes when somebody blew my head off exiting my shack. I gave up and went back to my PVE for a bit.


Find a spot. (Best place some-where lower population)

Make sure to place a bed-roll some-where near your house (HIDE IT!!!)

Harvest 380 Wood. (For 1X1 Foundation House.)

Trust know one. (I really do mean no-one…)

As you harvest, if you see people, RUN back to your secret spot you found to make your first house. Immediately start making WOOD PLANKS, and start making your house, and PLACING DOWN THE MATERIALS. Remember you can’t lose stuff you already placed down if you die, never carry too much on you.

Make a wood box/Furnace. Place stuff. Then go out and get as much metal as possible, because you need to make a metal door as fast as possible, before your robbed.


  • Just always always, make sure you place whatever you can down. Never run around with 500 wood/200 Ore Ect.**

There is no point of making any guns honestly.

Here’s how i start when there is wipe/if i just hang around a random realm when east is down:

-Build/steal a hidden shelter near a zombie spawn. ( you won’t use it for long )
-Build a crate in the shelter and stash everything you find for now.
-Farm zombies with your rock until you find a pick axe ( that you stash right away ) and a a research kit ( that you stash right away )
-Once you have both, find/make a workbench and learn the pick axe.
Note: Now you can walk around and 1 shot zombie and/or 1v1 pretty much any other player.
-Find wood/rocks until you have enough for a 1x1 wood house with a metal door. Build it hidden but close to rad town AND a ressource valley.
note: you still stash everything you find. Try to research kit big crate
-If you die with a pick axe its no big deal but you should be able to kill people with pistols/bows/hachet. ( run away from shotgun ( unless its a pipe ) and people with m4/mp5)
-build a second big house and just keep making it bigger. Hide chests in every room and split every room with metal doors.

Any tips for that? I’ve been able to kill exactly one zombie with my rock… and that was barely by the skin of my teeth. (Hatchet is another story… when I’ve got one.)

There are 3 steps in killing a zombie with a rock

1 - position yourself with the zombie
2 - start an auto attack with your rock
3 - Sprint inside of the zombie. ( Time it so when the auto attack ends, you’re infront/almost inside of him)

Tips 1: Don’t stop after you gave him the hit. Run past him at your step number 1 distance
Tips 2: avoid black zombie, don’t even try to kill them

I’ve played rust now for over 100 hours all on PVP servers. And Let me tell ya. I’ve done everything from surviving alone to being with a group of 20. So All my experience comes from actual play time and practice.

I’m not going to sit here and write a book on how to survive in rust. If i wanted to do that i’d make a youtube video.

But i will point out some interesting facts and Helpful TIPS to get you started on a PVP server. ESP the busy ones.

POINT 1: Expect to die.
- People on PVP servers are very unforgiving and will always KOS (kill on sight) Expect this. And play it to your advantage.
- The First thing i do when i spawn is find a spot on the map that is familiar to you. A Place you like to be around. It’s important because your going to be tucked up in this spot for some time. Normally I prefer Mountain areas or Beach / Coastline areas that seem to be less crowded. Upon searching for this place just plan on dieing as your running around… so don’t really collect anything unless your literally passing right by it… (Then why not… you “might not” die)
- Now that you found a good location that you like… the idea is to be stealthy… nothing in the open… nothing big… nothing obvious. Remember that keeping to yourself as much as possible and hidden in rocks… hidden in bushes… hidden BEHIND mountains is always a great way to keep safe… if people have a HARD time finding it then chances are you have a less likely time of someone taking your stuff… (not that it couldn’t happen, I said just “less likely” ). This means don’t just build a shack and put it out at the base of the mountain… don’t build a shack and put it in the forest randomly where people walking by can see it. This will get you killed… you seriously need to go OFF the beaten path in behind mountains… rocks… trees… coastlines… Places that are less likely traveled.
- Now that you have the area you like & you FOUND a area within that area that is hidden. You need to start out correctly. The first thing to do is find pigs for cloth and food… Then gather wood.
- With those 2 items you can build PLANKS from wood and make a foundation. You put up 2 Walls and 2 Wooden door frames. (one door in front, one in back, so you can get out if someone is in the front). After putting a ceiling in this you can place your sleeping bag and then a box for food. Put your fireplace on top of the box to save room in the 1x1 room.
- Now this can’t be done in 1 sunset day in game… normally takes me 2 days. But while at night do NOT use light and do not run around aimlessly in the dark… stay hidden an stay outta sight… Normally for the first night after you find your spot you should have food from pigs and cloth to make a outfit to keep warm. if your warm and not “cold” you won’t lose food as fast. cook the pig meat during the day hours hidden behind a rock… (not on it). then at night (for the first night you stand still and wait…)
- So the 2nd day comes around you make a sleeping bag… you put it down you get wood… and you start your 1 x 1 house. Again i would NOT recommend sheds as they can be beaten down. As you gather wood you should be gathering stones and metal ore too… get your building built and put wood doors on front and back. put in a smelter and then make metal Fragments. now get 400 metal Fragments from about 70 ore and you can make 2 doors. replace your wood doors with metal doors… (you can do this at night during pitch black because no one can see anyway… and there is a 5 min timer to where you cut down the old door and can put on the new metal one).
- With your new 1 x 1 with a metal doors you can start putting in more and more box’s… start storing everything that you don’t need to gather. This way if you die you don’t lose much. keep gather and keep smelting… make your 1 x 1 into a 3x3 and finally a 5x5 making your middle room the hardest to get too… putting metal doors in between all of them. so just to get to your middle room people need 6 C4 (yes people have that) but it’s a pain in the ass and if you spread your stuff out between the middle room and the 2nd to last middle room (on all 4 sides) they won’t get to ALL your stuff. Good luck and i hope that this can help at least some of you.

Here I put together a small picture to show what i mean with the levels of defense for a 1st floor and how you expand it out in layers.

In the idea, this notion of sleeping bags, however convenient they are, clearly makes the game more about farmers than survivors, as you dont really care about dying. Unless you respawn at random when you die, why would you care and fear to die?

I added a picture to my post to show how a base can be built to maximize defenses per floor. If you put metal doors around your going to screw over people to use a HUGE amount of C4 in order to get to anything ideal.

That’s awesome Loominal! Thanks for the tips and the diagram. I’m curious, what’s the point of having multiple boxes and multiple rooms for each “layer”? In case someone uses C4 to get into your area?

Step 1:
Find rock, acquire stones.
Find boar, acquire cloth.
Find wood pile (or if you’ve already found a stone and boar, find a tree), acquire wood.

Step 2:
Craft bow and arrows.

Step 3:
Kill everything, loot everything, use BP immediately.

Step 4:
With full inventory (or if you find a Research Kit and something you really want to research), find a remote location and build a small base, ideally with at least two sides against rock formations so you can put the storage in the back corner instead of the middle. Depending on the circumstances and plugins, you might opt to just build a shack so you can use metal components later.

You have multiple box’s in each layer so that in order to get to another BOX on the same layer… they need to burn another 4 C4 (2 doors) so you evenly distribute your guns / ammo across most box’s… i normally will make 2 box’s (1 in middle one in outter layer) guns and same for armor. Then once you finish the 2nd floor you move all valuable stuff too the 2nd floor box’s and leave first floor box’s as DROP BOX’s only… go out and come in and drop shit off… and later at night you move it up stairs and organize it. on thing i forgot to mention is on the stairwells… you rotate them from 3x3 corner to the other 3x3 corner. don’t make them the same stair well the whole way up. rotate the inner corners… and then the oposite corners can turn into rooms (esp if you have a group of people you play with)

So I’m curious… why not just have one entry door, and put all your boxes in the back of the house? Or does C4 go through walls, and not just doors?

C4 can also go through walls… 2 for a metal door and 2 for a wooden wall.

Which is why i mainly prefur doors… why not gives you the chance to escape or surprise the attackers from the side of the room from another room… open a door BOOM shotgun one and close it fast. Better for defending.

Loominal, i love your diagram and it’s definitely food for thought, however would it not make sense to have a few dummy doors on the exterior wall that just lead to nothing but walls on the inside? in doing this, it’ll make things a bit more confusing and you’ll spend less resources making metal doors. i realise this has resurrected a long extinct thread but i feel Loominal’s tutorial alone warrants this being back at the top