Tips for a less laggy map?

I’m rather new to mapping, but I’ve made a few small things as practice and picked up a lot of tips from 3kliksphilip’s videos. Now, I want to begin making a large map. But before I do, I want to make sure I’m doing it as efficiently as possible. So, my question is, how can I fit a lot into a map while making it lag as little as possible?

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try to reduce brush-count as much as you can.

Before you begin, please read the mappers encyclopaedia that is stickied at the top of this forum. It will answer a lot of the questions you will have along the way.

Also, we don’t refer to 3klik’s tutorials here. They contain a lot of dodgy ways of doing things, including use of carve, hollow and using lout of sections of func_breakable, when func_breakable_glass will do the job much better.

Thank you, I read the forum rules but didn’t notice that link at the top.
Which section do you recommend reading for my specific question?

With that cleared up, yes, try to reduce brush count, but I kinda thought that went without saying. Anyway, if it’s an open, outside map, there’s honestly not much optimizing to do, just nodraw whatever you can’t see I suppose. And yes, I realize it has almost no effect, but why not, right? Anyway, if it’s an indoor map, use areaportals anywhere you can. You’ll know what I mean if you read that (I hope).

You mean func_breakable_surf?

Optimize your map

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I’ve seen a couple of videos, and i am pretty sure he rejects the use of carve.

Dont use OB-source’s features. (projected textures, mirrors, particles.)

Do NOT intersect brushes. This causes the map to compile much longer. Stay on a broad grid first, and narrow it down later when you’re adding more detail.

Don’t use func_viscluster stuff unless you are positive it’s being used in the right way.

That goes for all optimization entities.

Try reading the “mappers encyclopedia” sometime. It makes for a great read.
It’s that sticky on the top of this forum? See it, excellent… now go read it.

When making the skybox, do not make a big hollowed cube. Don’t make it bigger than necassary.

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Yes he does, but he also reccomends hollow, which uses a similar algorithm to carve. Not to add to the never-ending debate, but just reiterating it.

Anyway, for tips, make sure your map doesn’t leak, read the optimization tutorial firegod posted, and if you’re doing everything correctly and your map still lags, it’s probably because you’ve got too much going on at once (props, animations, particles, expensive shaders, moving brush entities, etc.) Or you just have a shitty computer :v: