tips for casual players, please

How can I maximize my experience with Rust, if , say , I log on every other day for maybe 1.5 hours?

Avoid the roads.

Play on a PVE server until you understand the map better.

Set up multiple proxy bases with your loot distributed to more than one base.

Set up one main base a good walk (5-10 minutes) north of the spawn area.

Get really good with the bow.

I’m sure more people will offer you some tips. These are mine. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Find a small quit server. If you go on a big one you will be continually killed and raided

Don’t play on any server that has a twitch stream unless you are in a group. These guys go around in groups of 5+ people in full armor and killing anything that moves with automatic weapons and raid anything they can find. The whole time they laugh about how stupid others are (even though they broadcast their own frequent mistakes) and make fun of “bambis”. If you have a group with you though I guess it would be fun to have a battle with them or screw with them after watching where they build their bases.

Like ph3r said, learn the map, however, i would play PVP if I were you. Here are some additional tips:
-Learn how to build a base fast and one that is hard to raid.
-Gather resources most of the time you play.
-Make friends, not enemies
-Engage in chat, this may seem wierd, but if people know who you are, chances are they will help you.
-Find a trust worthy person to live with. If you can find someone who plays more, they can help you maintain a base and gather and craft when you aren’t around.
-Lastly, prepare to die and lose everything you own

This is pretty much everything you need to remember to have fun and be successful. Nothing to add. Well done.

Stay low from the bigger clans. Hopefully they won’t notice you.

is it worth building a base or should I just hide in a hole whenever I fall asleep and keep all my stuff on me? Seems like there is a bug where you can’t kill players sleeping on the rocks.

IMO, you build 2 or 3 1x1s to hold enough stuff for you to respawn and rearm yourself with. The only reason you build bigger than that is if you enjoy it.

Talking on chat is a great suggestion. I asked around for someone to learn explosives from, and got four different options just because folks “know” me.

I gather the resources i need for whatever my next “project” is, and try not to take anything more than that, since you just end up storing it and having to deal with it being jacked for you at some point. Learn to hunt at night if possible, and make runs to rad towns or loot locations during night. Less competition.

i run with a group of about 10 people. normally we have at least 5 on at one time. we like to build good sized bases that hold a lot of stuff in the HOPES we WILL get raided. The game is no fun when you have everything and nobody tries to take it. we dont make unraidable bases…although we DO make them where it IS going to cost you to get our stuff. i built this “Clan” out of a few clans from my origional server and we all banded together (even though several of us still run with our old clan names). My advice, help people…they will remember it. Start your own clan TO HELP PEOPLE… they will remember your entire clan. If there is something you wish you had on the server…make it. And most importantly… dont grief people. that will most definitely get them to remember you but for the wrong reasons…then you will be a target.

if you plan on only logging in every other day find a server with reduced building decay. after about 3 days your wood house will be gone

I’ve seen a few sleepers who glitch into the rocks, but I’ve killed many many more, so don’t count on glitching out.