Tips for invisibility, removing physgun glow, teleporting to filming place

There are many places referred to in how remove health overlay before recording machinima aka GUI. DasBoSchitt shows that in his videos.
But I haven’t found any specific information about things that are very important in Gmod machinima creating. For instance, how to make player model invisible, that cameras doesn’t see you, how to remove physgun glow, how to teleport in custom place.

There are only few posts, that mentions it a little bit. It gives the impression that most people are concerned to SFM now. Gmod is now mainly focused on servers and multiplayer. I’ve found only a few gmod machinima creators. Gmod machinima became abandoned after kitty’s0706 death and DasBoSchitt’s patreon. It seems that nobody haven’t reached the skills of them. I will try to resolve the situation. I picked up the information from different sources and added that into one thread. So you may notice, it will help for people, especially for those who is searching for that information but can’t find it.

  1. Make yourself invisible, that cameras doesn’t see you. Xala’s movie helper addon solved that:
    You can also bind a key just for convenience: bind p “toggle xmh_viewmodel 0 1”

  2. Remove glow from physgun. (If you are invisible with xala’s addon, you’ll notice that there is a blue glow under the physgun area) (it was very difficult task, but I succeeded in it).
    There is an empty texture for that:
    In materials/sprites glow1.vtf replaced with that transparent texture. Therefore, I noticed that glow1.vtf doesn’t help much, glow is still visible. So I also replaced glow01.vtf and physgun_glow.vtf with empty textures. (please correct me, which glow file did the job).

  3. Teleport to the your filming location. Enter “getpos” in console, copy line below in red text, and bind to key. Example: bind F1 “setpos -1.302621 -837.214294 1087.031250;setang 8.435452 111.888466 0.000000”

  4. Custom commands for game startup. In cfg/game.cfg add for example following lines cl_drawhud 0 cl_draweffectrings 0. Game will start without health meter and another annoying hud, but q menu and other menus would still be visible. Sv_cheats 1 also work. Unfortunately, I noticed that god mode doesn’t work, that’s why I asked about that earlier.

  5. Hide all Hl2 weapons. In cfg/config.cfg search for sbox_weapons and set it to 0 instead of 1. 
  6. Simple enough. Slower noclip speed. In cfg/game.cfg change sv_noclipspeed sv_noclipaccelerate to smaller numbers.

I hope that this will help, especially for people who are starting making gmod machinima.

If you want to hide things like glow, hud, etc. Hold C and drag your mouse to top left, the first button is the menu to disable things like physgun glow, hud etc.

C menu has only option for hiding physgun beam, not the glow exactly. I’ll you an example: xala’s movie helper has option for making yourself invisible, you have made yourself invisible all your weapons that are you having in hands are also invisible. Add camera near yourself, you will notice, that there is a blue glow around the place where physgun should be. In order to remove that glow, you’ll need replace that texture (I think it’s glow1.vtf) with transparent one.

Hi, I’m the creator of Xala’s Movie Helper.

First I’d like to apologize for resurrecting this topic, but the right command to the item 1 is “toggle xmh_invisible_var 0 1” (“xmh_viewmodel” is only for view models). About item 2, sadly I haven’t had success in hiding physgun glow, but I didn’t give up this challenge yet.

Well, I want to thank you for your list because I’ll implement this idea of “teleporting to the filming location” in the next release, which will be great!

Old Gmod machinima days?.. Good times, indeed. <3

See ya