Tips for preventing wheel spaz?

Im making this car that i want to go at least 130mph, but i just cant get the wheels to stop breaking when i try to go fast. No matter how many times i ballsocket or set the weights, it just doesnt work. Someone tell me how its done plz

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This uses a adv entity marker, its all pretty straight forward, link the adv entity marker to all your wheels, hook this up refresh and you’re done.

IT DOES WORK :open_mouth: dankyew. Im still getting some wobbles however

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Everyone else feel free to post ways to increase wheel stability. Need all of the responses i can so i can figure this out

Are you also using make spherical?

I always use make spherical on my tires. u know how your tires start to go out of control when u gain high speed? thats wat im talking about

You should be able to get some decent speed with the inertia Settings.
Try to Keep the weight of the wheels low, too. I’m usually using something like 30-40 kg.

You can change the values in the inertia function, just the second value has to be slightly smaller than the others.

I can only keep my tire weight 200 minimum because my suspension would spaz out as well