Tips for starting a new house/game

so i was killed by someone(im looking at you brutal) and they stole all my stuff and i cant find my house again so does anyone have any tips on starting out and building a new house?:slight_smile:

I made a video for people looking to establish themselves when starting as a fresh spawn. If you’d like, check it out here.

I happen to play a great deal on US3. Should you wish to start fresh(or this happens to be the server you play on) keep your eyes peeled for me and my merry band of peoples. (This is not a recruitment thing) I’m bad at giving step by step instructions over the forum… doesn’t help that I’m at work right now. What is your in game name? I’ll keep my eyes peeled for ya.

Im not on us3 sadly i play on the australian server because im an aussie

In my experience here is a way you can try to establish yourself, in a way that hopefully helps you survive.

  • Try to find a spawn that isn’t too congested with buildings, and has some resources that aren’t constantly farmed.

-Build a shack, door and fireplace asap and try to get some meat off of animals.
(If possible, place your shack so a tree is inside the corner so if need be you can farm off that tree for some extra wood whilst crafting.)

-If you can craft a stone hatchet, try to kill a wolf with it. If you are full health and got bandages you will survive and take home a lot of cloth. This cloth hopefully can be enough to craft your sleeping bag.

-When building your house, craft the foundations to be at LEAST 2x2, but 3x3 is recommended if you can manage it. This means if you place your loot room in the center of the house if it is at least 1 floor, it will take 7-8 C4 to reach assuming they need to break 1 metal door and wooden wall. Otherwise assuming your entrance doesn’t link to your storage raiders need at least 4-5 C4 to blow your wall in a 2x2.

-When you can manage, place foundations with pillars in the center all around your house once you’re happy with the house layout to prevent sieging with stairs and pillars.

-Build up, and up, and up transferring your valuable loot as you rise up. This will only make it even more tedious for raiders to reach your stockpile.

Some final tips…

-Build more than 1 sleeping bag, on respawn it takes 2-3 minutes for the bed to be used again so having multiple beds can be beneficial especially if you are being raided. Even more beneficial is to put a storage box with guns, armor and other fighting gear for an emergency near these beds.

Don’t show anyone where you live, also build away from other buildings and players!
If you can find a decent group of players (that have mumble or skype etc) that you can group up with for safety that is another option also.

I disagree. being in a neutral town where no one is teamed with each other is good. That means raiders dont only see you and might decide to raid someone else