Tips needed for creepy house.

i have to make 14 pics of a creepy house that im going to make in hammer. any tips? needs to be dark. how can i make it look as close to real life as possible?

Creepy houses tend to have creepy / eerie things, try maybe triggers which make some prop_physics paintings fall from a wall when walked through, maybe a breen bust that is on a podium, and the podium begins to fall (use physexplosion for this, low power, the podium should be a model, but if you can’t model make a basic square podium with brushes and select the pieces and make it a func_physbox).

Things like this are what valve should do if they ever make a fear-like horror game.

Remember in scary levels that too much of a scary thing is not so scary.

For example:

@ Black corridors should be compensated with some light room’s (Eg Ravenholm)
@ There should be some creepy background sound, Mixed with some heavy ambiance
@ And there should be only about 2 Sudden moments where something leaps out at you or the player start to suspect it (and not too close)

Try and get a good idea in your head for how the 3D space inside and outside the house is laid out. That should help whilst making the map, as well as give you some idea of what to keep from the reference pictures and what to scrap.


Disregard the above, I didn’t read the first post properly. You just want still pictures of a haunted house made in Hammer, right? If that’s so, then try and get hold of some reference pictures to work from. If nothing else they might give you some inspiration of your own.

The player’s imagination is an excellent tool. If you don’t show them what is after them and only do little things like a moving shadow in the corner of their eye, breaking things, sounds, etc. then their imagination will help to cook up something scary. :c00l:

Try adding a section where you fall through the floor to some unknown hand dug tunnel. It’s generally quite effective because it yanks someone out of the norm and into something new.

Add a section of the flooring which is broken, and inside is a dead body.

Rearrange furniture a little bit when the player is not looking

Fuck with the player a bit by making a hallway move/change direction when he enters it so he just goes around in a circle

you guys dont get what im asking. i need tips on making a creepy house look good in SCREENSHOTS

Google for real world textures… their are awesome !