Tips on fog

Hello all mappers and everyone else!

I’m currently working on a horror map which will be released here on FacePunch whenever I’m done… I let my friend betatest my map and in the end we started playing around with the nuke.

Picture number 1 is the current look of the map

Although Picture number 2 had fog after the nuke and actually made me kind of horny… I mean just look at that fog!
It’s amazing!

Now… Does anyone have any idea or tips so that I can recreate that kind of fog on my map?!

Thank you for reading!

Make the color match the skybox?


Freaky avatar!

Thanks… I shall use this.

I open the GCF, extract one of the side pictures of the skybox I want, open it in Photoshop, get the RGB code of the main horizon colour, then use that for my fog colour setting. :buddy:

Or use the recommended settings…?