Tips on how to get more players to join a new server

As the title suggests, I recently started my own server after getting fed up with the regular hacker/admin things that you get sick of. Basically what I’m posting for is for any assistance I can get on enticing players to try out my server.

It’s an Australian server based in Sydney, so Australians (and any other people that play on Australian servers), what kind of things draw you to a new server? Blackjack? Hookers? Anyway let me know if you think you could help me.

Also sorry if this isn’t where its supposed to be, checked out the servers forum and it just seemed to be advertising, whereas I’m looking for help…and maybe a little bit of players too.

A few tips and tricks to gather new players for your new Rust server:

  • Create a Steam Group, keep inviting the small amount of players to the group (After you’ve chatted with them.)
  • Have an active team, always have someone online to help out the new players.
  • Make your rules very clear on Air Drops and such - make players know that they’re being taken care of.
  • Post a thread here on Facepunch, it’s got to be very readable and enjoyable. Think of it like this, within the first 2 seconds of the user viewing your thread - he/she has probably made a decision by then.
    Most important thing. Keep chatting with your newcomers! - Keep them entertained.

Otherwise you will always be stuck with 1-5 active players each day.

Best of luck.

// Reinhardt

Edit: Add me on Steam if you have any questions about configuration on the server.

yeah I got stuck in that 1 - 5 player loop too, we had some 35 player days but it did not hold.

Anyone who may gain admin on our server will not have item giving privs, none what so ever.

I would suggest you do the same, so players see no sort of item spawning of any type. That is what gets me to leave a server in a heart beat, when I see an admin, with a metal base within 2 days of a wipe, and a bunch of buddies with him all unloading full clips of ammo on wild life.

Instant turn off.

Does it require Rust++ to create different admin roles?

Very interested on how to do this, if you have any quick link, or if you could lay it out for me. :slight_smile:

Both Oxide and Rust++ have their own admin tools you can limit. NEVER give rcon password to anyone. And try not to use it yourself either unless you need to make a change like airdrop min player limit ect…

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Oxide also has an awesome teleport request system. I’m not sure if there is a time limit on it, but it gets rid of all those admin admin can you teleport my friend to me, he is noob requests.

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pretty much all an admin needs is kick and ban, maybe teleport. but I had my admins teleporting their friends back to their location when they got killed in raids, which was unfair so I would be careful on giving teleport to people.

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I removed them, and ever since I just handled things on my own, but now our playerbase is R.I.P so be careful. If players see one thing that seems sketchy they will move on to the next server faster than having to take a shit after eating taco bell.

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And the occasional hacker does come around, I never caught one, but you need a few admins with kick and ban permissions if hacking can be proven. Aimbotting is huge issue right now.

I solo built an 8 story house and filled half my inventory with ammo in about a day. The secret is Rad faming and Air Drops… If they were smart enough to get the good drops while you farmed the leftovers in the fields I’d say that’s your bad.

After just a few air drops and nothing else one could easily fill a large crate with ammo in just a few hours. Newer or solo players however tend to avoid those areas as they can’t afford the loss of stuff. Meanwhile the groups and risk takers build their houses where the drops occur most frequently and profit.

So don’t always think admins just hand stuff to friends because sometimes admins don’t even hand stuff to themselves. But sometimes they need to test stuff and if they do happen to build a nice metal house they paid for the damn server. It’s pretty sad to think that players expect admins to foot the server bill and police the server with no benefit to be had from it.

Well the first 4 days of my server, I built myself a base, to house me and my noob friends who are from my gaming community, and we used it to learn how to play. What happened? “Admin abuse this and Admin abuse that!” One or two people said I should be allowed to build a base because I pay for the server. All that did was make players leave even know we never raided a single person, we just stayed in our base and learned how to do stuff. I enjoy building a base from the bottom up, it makes me appreciate it more. I’m just saying making myself a base caused players to leave, it is best to play legit.

Admins on rust don’t really have to admin, I don’t see why someone would not be able to play if they had kick ban privs if something came up.

This is coming from a person who runs a role play mod on warband, which requires a 30 admin staff.

I just feel like this game by design, does need not need very much admin intervention, unless you had specific rules to enforce on your server.

The problem is you wanted to populate your server while testing. That’s going to be seen as abuse to some but you need to explain with reason. You are testing mods, server is new, all will be wiped etc… Nobody with a brain will care about admins testing things. The tweens might complain but those are the ones who are gonna bounce if you don’t bow to their every wish anyway.

We did make it clear, but not clear enough I suppose. Everyone knew there were constant resets from learning how to work with the mods ect…

We are going to try again now that we know what we are doing. BlueFangSolutions “A GSP which applied for rust and may be a future provider” Is going to be sponsoring a rust giveaway for our gaming community. We host many servers and want a good well run rust server to add to our community.

We will most likely wait until the next large update, and after the mods we want to use are in working order.

People will enter to win a copy of rust, we will be buying about 5 - 10 copies atleast for the giveaway.

Don’t include “Noob friendly” or something of that sort in your descriptive text.
Many hackers like to just ruin everyones day and they tend to be more present on noob servers, because noobs are easier to grief than experienced players.

Include “Fresh wiped” or similar in the description. New players are searching for a good starting point and avoid servers where 10x10x50 bases exist all over the map.

Pay attention to your userbase, but also show authority if necessary. If someone yells and yells to gain attention, warn him and kick him if he doesn’t change his behaviour. Same with constant flaming between players because of someone shot someone or something. Make clear rules and enforce them, like english only in chat or no building inside radtown.

Ask about problems/suggestions from time to time. Our admin switched the backpack lock on and after 2 days asked around if he should keep it or not.

In terms of parameters, set decay to a reasonable amount of time. The server tends to lag more as more buildings are built. Because of the fluctuation, there are always more than 25% unhabited buildings that should be removed as soon as possible.

Help new players, but keep the help to a minimum. Like it’s okay to guide players to each other, give them food and cloth but it’s not okay to give a new player explosives and c4 for research and teleport someone because he fell inside a canyon and doesn’t want to lose his loot.

Look out for bullies. It’s okay to kill on sight and raid, that’s the game. It’s not okay to camp in front of someones base for hours, flame over voice and shoot that person dead whenever he tries to get out.

Also, events and giveaways for long-time players. Our admin gave us “one shitty car on top of our base” per player that was on the server for more than 5 days. After 10 days, each player also got a premium kit with armor and weapons. Once.

These are all just examples, but maybe some of them help :slight_smile:

If I create a Steamgroup, my server will be visible on general tab or only on Whitelist tab on RUST ? Link my server on a group will not deprive me of visibility? A player can join on my server without being in the Steam group?

Most important thing:

Don’t spam the forum with threads about your server where you bump like every hour.

Trust me, some people really try to get players on this way.
I’m sure some will join then, but for sure nobody above 13. :v: