Tips on making gmod connect faster

It takes me ages to connect to a gmod server. Its an real pain when connecting to a Zombie survival server…to only have everyone barricade everything and having me left 4 dead. I heard that if you clean-up your addons folder even though the server does not need certain addons, they will make you connect faster. And I have alot of junk in there that I think are important.

  1. Clean up addons
  2. Delete .svn folders from your addons
  3. Hit escape while loading
  4. Defragment the game regularly

I can understand everything else but hitting escape while loading. What does that do?

It stops the game from loading lots of useless junk. Gets you in the game a bit quicker. You might get Lua error spam about “player:InVehicle” being a nil value, though.