tips on pipe shotgun aimimg?

darn wolves keep killing me, unless I waste an entire cylinder on them with the revolver.
I am ok with bow and arrow, but not under pressure.

I didn’t know aiming with the pipe was a problem?

Just wait until they are close enough to hit every pellet as you aim down the sights, usually 1-hit kill against wolves.

Against bears, just shoot them once, start the reload and then sprint as you finish the reload, turn around and finish them.

If you aren’t comfortable with the pipe, just sit really far away with a bow as 40+ arrows are really easy to obtain.

You can still sprint while reloading the bow. Sprint/shoot/reload/repeat.

1 shot with pipe shotgun + 1 hit with pickaxe kills bears very efficiently

Or just practice yer bow skills on unwary travellers. This is bullshit.

for some reason, against wolves and bears, I seem to always fail, even from close by. As in, I don’t see any blood nor doe sit drop.

Aim at the target and shoot…

They have to be pretty close otherwise most of the pellets will miss.

if your shot gunning, make sure they are almost close enough to bite, then don’t aim just do your best and shoot, doubt you’ll miss.

with bow. its 2 shots per wolf and 3 for radioactive bear, 4 shots for a normal bear.

Just practice. you can 2 shot people with bows :slight_smile: