Tips on using the bow

Does anyone have any tips on using the bow? As ive used the bow but found it hard to get on target, so if anyone has any tips on how to judge where the arrow going to hit would be helpful

A good trick to use it would be:
Try to shoot a little higher than your target and a inch or two furthur from the target (if he’s moving right
Shoot 1 or 2 inches more right of him and the same goes with left.)
I’d like to know if this helped you (:

Just like real life :open_mouth:

Those who shoot bows in real life will get the hang of it quicker (I shoot irl) as the arrow path and speed is very similar. Just keep using it, and you’ll naturally get used to the drop and arrow speed then you can account for it as such.

I was hunting bears with it for about 3 hours today. by far my favorite weapon, 3 hits to a bear takes it down, wereas hunting with a 9mm is more like 7-8 shots. Also its great for being silent, you can hunt dangerous animals @ a distance, without everyone in that valley know your around.

The speed of the arrow is good but the actual shoot angle is all messed up. It doesn’t shoot anywhere near where it feels like it should.

thank you that helps, ill try those tips when I next play

Is it me, or is it not possible to score headshots with bows? I mean them arrows dealing same damage anywhere they land.