Tips/Resources for an aspiring lua coder?

I’ve always wanted to try coding something for gmod, and I’ve gotten okay at coding in some other languages(java and python). So I’m asking for any pointers on where to get started, what Lua tutorials worked best for you guys and what other resources were generally helpful in learning Lua? it’s the best place, there are lots and lots of tutorials
If you want examples, i recommend to you go to, and learn from some addons

Tutorials are always good. I’m still a noob but I find that hands on with Lua and actually making/tying to make things helps a lot.

For Garry’s Mod, there are tutorials on the wiki.

For pure Lua, has a good tutorial series. There’s also the official Programming in Lua book if you want something more in-depth. They’re not always directly applicable to working in Garry’s Mod, but it’s amazing how many people don’t know how to use metatables, patterns, iterators and other basic language features.

Try this:

Thanks everyone!

Here’s some more information ( instead of a wall-of-text, they are organized into different categories ):Hey, welcome to FacePunch.
I have written over 400 tutorials and completed “systems” in Lua for Garry’s Mod. I tutor and answer questions for free; feel free to add me on Steam if you need some guidance. This forum is for devs that need help working on things. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Generalized Lua Help ( Links to Wikis, Answers the question of “Where do I post a simple question or DarkRP Specific question”, links to other resources compiled by forum members )

Useful Programs ( SteamCMD, Autosizer, Desktops, Process Explorer ) and Notepad++ Upgrades

AcecoolDev_Base Skeletonized Dev Base Game-Mode ( Never worry about Include or AddCSLuaFile ever again; comes with New Hooks, Console Commands, Meta-Table Objects, Helper Functions, Extended Functionality, and more! ) helps, with all the libraries and such