Tips to bring down chopper

Last night me and my team tried to bring down the chopper. we all had building blocked but he still fired rockets? how does that happen? Is there a way to avoid him shooting rockets? If any of you guys have some tips, post them below! thanks anyway! :smiley:


So, you just said that you used a not intended bug to take down the heli? Srsly… that has been fixed.

Get skill and kill it with proper tactic or leave it. Oh, and i just saw that you call yourself “mighty” … quite the irony, right?

Airfield hangars work good, they mitigate most rocket volleys but you have to make sure you call out when it’s flying away to do a volley.

Minimum of 3 guys. Call out whenever you think the chopper has you targeted to so the other 2 can light it up with a full AK clip. More guys the merrier.

You can solo it with just the a bow, if you go otherwise naked to the airfield (and only the airfield), and stand in the middle of the runway for 3 game days waiting for it. If you do this, it wont use rockets.

Some people should just check the devblog for info… big hint :wink:

But I’ve heard it works better if you stand there for 3 days holding 200 HQM.

This community lol Just asking for some tips --’ There’s no reason to flame at me for asking anything kenpachi, stop being so salty. And these trolls better gtfo :slight_smile:

Just do what I do, let others waste their time taking it down then pick them off with a silenced Ak with holosight. Easiest way to get all the containers from the crash.

One of the more fun solo players can get a leg up in the game.

Why do the work when someone else can do it?

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also this one ^