Tips to make constraints stronger? (Axis, welds, all bend heavily under minimum loads)

Me: Decided to play some Gmod after many years, I want to make something cool!

Physics: No.

Reducing weight of all parts to 1 makes it stable standing, but as soon as I start slowly moving, second pic happens. With default weights it can’t even stand on it’s own. Removing gravity on parts spazzes everything terribly. One solution could be parenting, but that doesn’t help with constraints like axis or ball-sockets. I posted this thread here and not in “Help & Support” because I assumed that only technical problems with the game like bugs and crashes go there.

Axis is already the strongest constraint there is afaik

Increasing weight of your base prop would definitely help.

Another good habit to have, is to use the least amount of moving parts as possible.
Having the wheels directly attached to your base would be far stronger then what you currently have.


i used to make steering like that too but i learned that the best is to just ballsocket_center your wheels to a strong baseplate (1000kg would be enough) and then adv_ballsocket with free movement the wheels to your steering plate

The less the prop weighs, the weaker the constraint.

You can get advanced and make a suspension using ropes and elactics.
there are a lot of tutorials for that on YouTube, most of them are quite old but generally still work.
Here is one made by JackPody its two years old but still works and includes a steering expression 2 you can use.

Maybe this one is helpful as well? Much newer too.

Aside from what has been mentioned, I remember some video that was testing ways to make stronger axis by doing an axis twice between the same two props on the opposite sides.