Tips to prevent raids?

Hey all,

I know raids cannot be prevented necessarily, but does anyone have any tips on how to slow people down? IE: Ways to design structures so that multiple C4 are required and reduce the potential cost vs. benefit to the raider.

Any information is helpful.


5x5 metal building, store stuff on 2nd or third floor, snake them all the way through. Don’t store anything right next to an outer wall. And don’t store on the top floor.

No blue prints for the metal stuff yet unfortunately. I feel like any exposed side should be a doorway with a metal door as that takes more C4, right?

I figured that going up make it harder as well.

1x4 and very high! This works great if you place foundations with pillars around the outside to prevent raiders from climbing up. Along every floor place a doorway and a metal door with stairs leading up to the next lvl at the end. With this setup a 5 story house has 15 metal doors which would require 30 - 45 C4 to get to your loot room. And obviously the higher the base the more secure it is.

Make sure you don’t use spikes around the base to prevent raiders from climbing up as of the latest patch they decay over time and can be destroyed with a Hatchet/Pickaxe/Grenades/C4

Thanks for the tips!

If its just wood its simply a matter of building up and looking for chests.

First and foremost hide yourself. Visibility is the biggest reason people get raided. If you look like a target, you will be a target.

Dummy chests in every room.

I swear no matter how remote I feel a location is, I wake up the next morning with a rock, torch, and bandages. :wink:

Part of the game, of course. I guess I could head off the beaten path a bit, but it seems like the point is balancing visibility with ease of access to resources.

build a house at least 3x3(9 squares total) and make each square into its own room with metal doors on every wall so they have no clue where to go, and they’d better bring a lot of explosives. make a 2nd, 3rd, 4th story if you want… but usually when people get past the first door, they stop on my house… im assuming because they only brought enough explosives to break one wall.

My advice to to make a 2x2 two story base.The bottom floor would have alot of door ways in order to get up the stairs.The top floor would be the same.Also try to make a spike wall maze,itll have the raiders confused.Also dont forget to put at least two gate doors.

I don’t know if this is any good, but at least noone so far tried to raid it. I’m building a 2x2 Tower with 4-5 floors, with 2 stairscases each floor seperated with a wall and on every staircase 2 metal doors (upper side and lower side), that are 8-10 metal doors. I just guess if they wanna raid it they just blow the walls between the staircases, instead of 2 mertal doors every floor? If not you can add a aditional door each floor, so there are 12/15.

Make it look like you were already raided.

  1. Design a bad house with a stairwell leading up to a window. This window is directly above your front door. Do not block your front door with the stairs.
  2. Have the front doorway open without doors.
  3. Place empty storage boxes in that area.
  4. Seal off the inner areas with metal doors and put your loot in there. Divide your loot across all rooms and put very little resources in each box except for the safest area (requires the most c4 to get to). This discourages raiders from continuing if they do decide to raid your base.
  5. Design the house in a way that the stairwell can be used as an entry/exit point in the event someone else places a door on your house. This doorway acts as a trap as well as makes your base look raided and unoccupied. If you hear someone enter your base you can exit through the window above the front door and put a door there which traps the intruder inside your base.
  6. Add a campfire at the area you intended to fight against your trapped victims, you will regenerate health faster then them in a fight.
  7. If you have a really important item like a bolt action rifle (or explosive charges) you can put it in a small stash and place a furnace over the small stash and then destroy the furnace when you need access to the rifle. Anyone who raids your house will most likely ignore the furnace and miss the bolt action rifle.