TIps to survive

Theres not much for help on what everything does and how things work. I am looking for some basic info for setting up a house to deter people from breaking in. I know this type of game you can’t be 100% secure but not sure what to build. I Hear things like hatchets break down wood doors but only c4 destroys metal doors. Also I hear wood only lasts so long before disappearing?

Best thing you can do (imho) is not build near anyone else and try to hide your house.

What about the wood disappearing I’ve heard people say, or is that only the starter house?

Starter shelter dissapears mate

Build it in a way that they are unable to grenade your metal doors, I.E put metal doors at the top of stairs so the grenades just roll down. Explosive charges are rarer than grenades (with the exception of air drops), so you’ll be safer from more ill-equipped Bandits; other than that, the more doors the better. I also recommend dummy rooms with empty crates, so they waste their resources and get nothing in return.