Tips, Tricks, Wishes for my first RP map

Hello, So I am making my very first map. It is going to be a city/town map. I have not yet decided a name so I call it rp_newcity (for now, it will change since the name is already taken).

Since this is my first map I would love to hear you tips, tricks or wishes. Doesn’t have to be just for RP maps, can be general tips for Source SDK.

I am in VERY early stage. I have only started to make a small park.

[rp_newcity_a1] [center park]

Thanks for your time and tips.
Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:


BUMP Anyone… Hello… Am I alone… ?

Your brushwork looks good, but you may want to wait until you have a little more progress before making a thread and then bumping it twice in less than twelve hours. Good luck with your map!

I have made more progress, not much but some. Also for some reason decals are showing up weird in the Source SDK view, but they are fine in the game. I couldn’t take a screenshot of this :frowning:

Making a RP map as a first map is a bit risky since RP maps need to be heavily optimized.

Keep mapping!! My advice to you.

If you lost focus and start drawing attention to yourself; you will burn out fast.

Have a good cup of coffee and a good idea and get to work!

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Another thing, modulate your work. That means keep separate residences/buildings in their own .vmf, and then put them in a folder containing other .vmfs that will be combined in the end. This will keep you organized, keep compile times lower, and chances of large-scale errors low.