Tiramisu 2 - Beautfiul, Featured, Free


What is Tiramisu 2?

In a few words, it’s an RP script.

Of course, I’m not just gonna stop at a few words because it’s not the kind of thing that can be described in a single line. Tiramisu is more than just an RP script, it’s a project that Fnox and I (Fnox foremost, I’m a lazy ass) have been working on for almost 3 years, using Cakescript G2 originally by Nori/JWJ. It’s no longer in any way similar to Cakescript G2, however, Tiramisu 2 uses roughly 3% of the original unmodified Cakescript G2 code, the rest has been modernized, extended, scrapped altogether and modified to bring you, the user, the most extensive and feature complete RP script that GMod has seen thus far. Tiramisu 2 doesn’t look like anything, it doesn’t feel like anything you may have seen before as it is made with the intention of looking and feeling unique. It’s a different way to play.

Tiramisu 2 is like the sandbox of roleplay scripts. You know how in sandbox you can build a plane or a space ship or a skyscraper? In Tiramisu 2 you can start it up and build a roleplay with absolutely no programming skills. It’s all done in pretty menus and easy to understand wording. Best of all? It’s free.
**It’s Beautiful





**It’s Here

Once you’ve got that downloaded put the folder in garrysmod/gamemodes and then move the contents of Tiramisu/content to garrysmod/garrysmod and click “yes” to merge.

I have followed this project for a long time, and it has already came a long way. This gamemode is perfect for any kind of roleplay and I hope you’ll enjoy it as I already have.

Best release to hit this section of the forums, in a long time. Great job. Glad I was there on the day of release for Tiramisu 1.

Oh my, been waiting for a while for this. Great job :slight_smile: Going to try it out now.

first thing I did in tiramisu 2

Oh nice, been waiting for this.

Can’t wait to try it out.

Heya, I’m FNox.

Uhh, kind of wanted to be the first to post but you people kind of beat me to it, lol.

Rate Big Bang Lua King, he’s the other developer and put TONS of work into it.

Dat character customization

Just a sidenote, Tiramisu 2 doesn’t play along well with some addons. Specially admin mods, those seem to touch a bunch of things they shouldn’t be touching and break gamemodes in general. If you’re having any issues, check your addons.

sweet stuff doode i love yall

wow this script sure is beautfiul
beautfiul is now a word, look at the title

Easily the best gamemode for roleplaying.

Simply amazing.

Great work. At least there isn’t any developer key bullshit here.

Are there any servers which are going to run this?


I’ve got a server running this, haven’t logged on it yet, I should do that…

I am going to start a server when i get my schema done

Hey guys, I put up a patch that fixes some very small stuff. It’s not really essential but it does fix a couple of niggles.

If you already started development and don’t want to screw things up, here’s the commit logs so you know what to change:

Niggles? Is that a thing?