Tiramisu 2

Hey, I get this error when I equip clothing for some odd reason. I really hope someone can help me solve this.

The error in the picture says:

amisu-7db0e40e44444\gamemode\von.lua:537] attempt to get length of local 'str' (a nil value)
[gamemodes\kamaitama-tiramisu-7db0e40e44444\gamemode\von.lua:537] attempt to get length of local 'str' (a nil value)

And I went to the file and opened it up to that line and this is what it says:

_d_meta = {
	__call = function(self, str)
		return _d_table(str, nil, #str, true)

So does anyone know how to fix this? if you wanna know where I got this, its in this link: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1166556

Hope I get help.

Well, obviously ‘str’ doesn’t exist. Maybe it was a typo (doubtful because it was there twice).

what about this? it attempts to get a length. is their anything I should try like replacing the “str”?

i’d probably need to see the full code to determine what you fucked up

Well I haven’t modified it, that how the gamemode was. I am trying to figure out a way to fix this, but if you need anything its in the facepunch link at the bottom.

A different lua file is using the function incorrectly (used it as __call(hi) instead of __call(hi, hi)). That’s all I can really tell you because I’m lazy.

Thats ok ima go get in bed and come back, and hope to find out more answers. Thanks for letting me know about this much.

Wait, Tiramisu 2 uses vON? O_0

Also, it’s trying to deserialize an empty string.
I’ve added an error for that in the latest version.

So you got it to work by making it a error? I am confused about this can you explain?

Well does anyone else know? like what could I replace it with?

Plenty of people are having VON issues with Tiramisu 2. FNox has stated that he has no idea why.
A temporary fix is to find every instance of von.serialize and von.deserialize, and replace them with glon.encode and glon.decode.

I’d love to know why so I could fix it.

Why didn’t anyone tell me this?

I added an error to tell you when you’re trying to deserialize something invalid, instead of saying it cannot get the length of ‘str’.