Tiramisu: Fancier Cake

Tiramisu is derived from Cakescript, originally made by Jacob Jervey. Tiramisu would have not been possible without JWJ/Luabanana’s original work, for which we’re extremely grateful for.


What is Tiramisu?

A tiramisu is a very fancy cake made on Italy. Tiramisu, as a gamemode, is a fork (Or in layman’s terms, modification) of Cakescript G2, with the intent of bringing it up to today’s roleplay standards, and to enhance it’s usability and level of detail by overhauling almost everything VGUI wise, as well as structurally, with the intent of making life for roleplay developers without the will or money to buy a gamemode by providing a free alternative of the same quality

Tiramisu has been developed over the course of a little more than a year ( First commit and systems coming around mid 2009, although several other projects preceded it ). It has been developed mostly by me Big Bang/FNox and Ryaga/Nvgget. It has seen contributions by at least 5 other people, all of which are credited as due within the script.

Tiramisu doesn’t exist to compete with other gamemodes, it is merely a simpler, free alternative with quite a lot to offer to both users and developers, providing a simple to understand, yet quite complete roleplay environment. It is primarily aimed at small/medium sized communities, and conserves the ease of installation and set up to any server that Cakescript possesses.


User Features:

[li]A previously unprecedented animation system, allowing for swapping of skeletons to provide the user with the largest possible amount of animations available to all and every model. No longer will you need to recompile a model with a different animation set, ALL, ABSOLUTELY ALL ValveBiped using models will be able to be animated perfectly, even if they aren’t compiled with any animation set. It even allows for the use of Lua Animations if Jetboom’s library is installed, it also allows you to use non ValveBiped models as well, just without some functionalities.
[li]Revamped menus, to provide ease of use as well as to give the user a little something more pleasant to see while using them.
[li]An internal, quite advanced clothing system, allowing for any head to be used with any body, essentially letting you headhack any model while in game, with little to no noticeable seams.
[li]Containers! Place items inside certain container props.
[li]Accessories and gear system, allowing you to stick certain items to your body, as well as sling unused weapons. Since it uses items, they can even be assigned to have certain effects.
[li]Revamped inventories, with a much different, easier to use VGUI, as well as a weight system.
[li]Toggleable thirdperson, allowing for several different types of camera, including a firstperson view with your body being rendered.
[li]Sitting system, sit anywhere, sit on chairs, sit wherever you may want.
[li]Revamped character creation, allowing for much, MUCH more information to be assigned to each one of your characters.
[li]Group system, to replace flags. Add your own ranks, group moderators and administrators, as well as your own rank based loadouts. You can even have group icons assigned to your groups.
[li]In game admin ranks. Add your own administrators, moderators and event coordinators while in game.

Developer Features:

[li]Pluginization. Almost every large feature has been made independent and into plugins for easy categorization, editing and removal. Clientside plugins have also been added, no longer will you need to edit a single file to change the way things go VGUI wise.
[li]Modularity. Nearly every system has been made independent, specially on the clientside end, allowing you to stick menu tabs on different files, and run all of them in a schema independent manner.
[li]Readability. The script follows an understandable standard, and it’s development has had a tendency for the simpler/easier to read ways of coding.
[li]Light on bandwidth. The gear and clothing entities use DTVars, the use of NWVars is quite sparse, and almost everything sending large amounts of data uses Usermessages or Datastream.
[li]Follows an open source ideology, thus, Tiramisu will be forever available to you and anyone who wants it, bug free, without exploits, no strings attached, no catch, no anything.
[li]Almost entirely backwards compatible with previous Cakescript plugins and schemas.
And much, much more!



Tiramisu is available here:


Installation Instructions:

[li]Extract to garrysmod

Tiramisu uses a custom license, which you immediatly agree to when you download it. This license consists of one clause, and that is the following:

[ul][li]You may NOT sell any code or content included within Tiramisu. Tiramisu schemas are the ONLY exception to this clause.

Credits to:
-Whoever’s code may be present on this script.
-Luabanana/JWJ, creator of the original Cakescript G2

Too many to mention. Thank you all, you made this possible.

List of bugs (As of 10/3/10)




NOTE: Most weren’t taken with the latest version of the script, more coming soon. Give suggestions on what you wanna see!

Contact me:

Interested on the script? Wanna contribute? Add either me or Ryaga to your SF.

Big Bang: SF - thenoman, Email - kamaitama@gmail.com
Ryaga: SF - matthiasii , Email - matthewblanc@msn.com



Me and BB here worked on this together, please report bugs etc.

If you need help simply send me an e-mail or IM me on Steam:

matthiasii for steam

I’ll respond quickly to help. Remember the codebase is fairly old, and we did a lot of silly things so if you want to contribute/clean up e-mail me and I’ll get you all set up.

FNox has brought the roleplaying community one step farther! Good work and good job with wiping the dust off the Roleplay Releases section.


Grabbing and checking out schemas ASAP! Thank you very much Big Bang :D!

EDIT: Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said ‘fork of Cakescript’, it’s the exact same style. Shouldn’t be that hard then, thanks once again Bang.

I’ll be writing a tutorial series and starting a wiki tommorrow I think, so don’t be intimidated guys :slight_smile:

Not many people are going to be intimidated, me thinks. Though a wiki on Tiram’s more complex functions would be much appreciated.

Well weapons on body, clothing sets, etc. may well need to be explained. And the entire rightclick system.

Nicely done :]

Why do I get credit again lol

When I run this on my server I get spammed with this error

[tiramisu\gamemode\animations.lua:529] Model missing: models/Gustavio/maleanimtree.mdl

I even copied it to my garrysmod directory to see if it just wasn’t downloaded but it still coming up… any ideas?

That, my friend, is a faulty download. I have the model, and no errors. Re-download the zip, and check content/models/Gustavio, see if that model is there. If not, I can host the content folder from here.

Go to the “Content” folder and then copy and merge the folders with the corresponding ones in garrysmod/garrysmod

I did that already please read my post, it still has the error and the model is in my garrysmod folders.

I love you.

It should not be in garrysmod/garrysmod, it should stay with the gamemode. Hence why it has it’s info.txt in the tiramisu folder!

Here, read this.

When a folder has an info.txt file INSIDE IT, all folders INSIDE the folder that contains the file STAY WHERE THEY ARE. DO NOT MOVE THEM OUTSIDE THE FOLDER.

tiramisu - Goes in garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes
info.txt - All folders next to this file stay where they are.
content - Folder stays inside tiramisu
gamemode - Folder stays inside tiramisu
entities - Folder stays inside tiramisu

I don’t know what to tell you, perhaps try re downloading, it works flawlessly for me and others.

I did not move anything outside the folder on the server. I am talking about my own files, even when I extract the content to my own garrysmod directories the error is still there, yet the models are where they should be.

I will test this now and i report how it works.

On the server go to the contents folder and move everything from “contents” into “garrysmod” should merge a bunch of folders. At least that’s what I’ve needed to do before.

Like I posted like four times, I already did that the models are in my folders and the gamemode still gives me the error they are missing.