Tiramisu Help

I start a listen server using tiramisu and I get these errors when I do pretty much anything.

value)[kamaitama-Tiramisu-7db0e40\gamemode\schemas\global\plugins\inventory\cl_inventory.lua:382] attempt to index field 'InventoryFrame' (a nil value)

[gamemodes\kamaitama-tiramisu-7db0e40\gamemode\von.lua:537] attempt to get length of local 'str' (a nil value)[

Can someone help me fix this? Thanks… D:

how about showing some code?

and dont just show some random stuff show the lines of code that the error is happening and about 5-10 lines before and after it

What do you want me to show? I am pasting errors from my console. I wouldn’t even know where to look.

Ima change the the code at that line and tell you if anything works or happens.

Oh damn :confused: 4 weeks old. I will still try though.

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Okay, at 537 : return _d_table(str, nil, #str, true) Nil does not seem to work right but I am not sure what to change this to.