Tiramisu - Military Roleplay


I’ve been thinking about starting some sort of serious military roleplay server using


, yet my attempts to make my own schema have failed.

I’m in desperate need for some kind soul to code a military roleplay schema w/ flags.

The soldiers would be using CSS models, primarily the U.S one. The ranking structure is simple, with lieutenant being the highest.
[release]Recruit - Basic
Private First Class
Staff Sergeant
Master Sergeant[/release]

The SWEPs aren’t a problem, so no need to bother adding them.

I’d appreciate it if someone could take the time to code such a thing. I’ve looked at the documentation for Tiramisu, yet it doesn’t seem to help me in any way.

Its unlikely you will find someone to do this for free

You know you could just join GSA, which is the most authentic military experience you’ll get on gmod.


I can code bits with Tiramisu, ran a few servers of my own gamemodes, only thing is its only making items and I cannot help you with the flagging.