Tiramisu: Open Source Roleplay


Nice release you got here.

Thanks, I do what I can.


:golfclap: An excellent script, truly trumps most other roleplaying scripts out there as well.

For the first time in a very long time the RP community has a stable, free, public script with the capacity for serious roleplay. Excellent work here, I’ll be putting this up on my server once I get my shit together.

I’ve been hearing and working and waiting for Tiramisu’s official release for a while now (try several months, lol). I’m glad to see it’s finally out, and appears to be just as awesome as promised.

One thing I would like to emphasize, though, is that while the script may be here, the community also needs to step up and take a swing with Tira. I know there’s plenty of people out there who want to start an RP, but are too intimidated by acquiring a script and coding for it afterwards. With Tiramisu, it’s pretty easy to get into things, so there’s little excuse for script-less communities now.
However, good documentation, tutorials, and a library of plug-ins, as well as maybe some post-gmod-patch support, Tiramisu will be a mainstay for good RP servers for a while.

I’ll be sure to release ASAP.

It’s finally here, nice work.

Sadly I’ll be gone for 2 weeks on a (long deserved) vacation from coding in general. I’ll be on a very far away place with no Internet, so support for this two weeks will be handled by the co-author Matt B. He can be reached at http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ryaga/ .

I’ll document the whole script once I get back home.

Just exellent work dude.

It’s finally out of its beta stage.

Am I the only person getting the feeling that Garry’s Mod RP is finally regaining its stability? I mean, now suddenly we’re getting several good RP gamemodes out to the public, which should give people some actual variety other than just OpenAura and DarkRP. Tiramisu, TacoScript Classic and so forth. Even me and some other people are working on a new RP gamemode.

A still more glorious dawn awaits… And something about apple pies.

Thanks everybody, it’d be really nice if you all can help me promote Tiramisu while I’m gone. Matt can’t do everything, of course.

I’m invisible in third person, wat

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People can’t see me/others on specific models unless they restart GMod.

Hey guys, just an idea but instead of developing your own gamemodes, contribute to this one? It’s open source and free :smiley: and we’ll gladly accept good changes.

Filenames need to be made lowercase, as they are literally fucking over my FastDL

Submit an issue on github, my sir, or do it yourself and e-mail one of us the fix zipped up.

Also, I don’t get it, how do you do anything in this gamemode

Do what?

Any good European servers running this?

Anything at all. There’s no list of commands, no guide to actually use the damn gamemode.