Tiramisu Script

Since this script is quite close to the Openaura Severance script, i was wondering if someone would be able to help me get attributes into the Tiramisu script?

I’m pretty sure the creator, FNox didn’t want it to have a attributes system since it was created to also rival OpenAura and yet be free. I cant help you with the attribute system, though I’m not sure why you would need it.

Well, I want to try making an RP gamemode out of it. I would of used Openaura/Severance but it keeps giving me erros each time i use it, people also told me this gamemode is better.

You can buy OpenAura. You just need 150$ :slight_smile:

Couldn’t i use the nexus base?

And less than 80 IQ.

You don’t NEED attributes for RP, AKA, the reason why I didn’t add any to Tiramisu. Tiramisu is not yet finished though, so new features may be added.


Exactly, attributes are useless in roleplaying and they just promote instability of players.

They work well for gangwars, which is one of the biggest RP communities.

Gang Wars is mostly combat and RPG elements. It has nothing to do with actual character roleplaying or story-development. That’s why attributes are good for servers which highlight and are centered around combat and item scavenging.