Tired of admin abusers and hackers? Land of Shadows is the server you need.


Oxide/ Canada FR AND ENG /PVP/Airdrops/Sleepers/Raid/Adult admin/ Server Paid For One Years On Multiplay. No wipe until we need it.

The Server Admin Is always on the server.

This server was born at the end of January 2014, and is PvP friendly.

Our server includes many mods, such as a beginners kit for those of you who are just about to start playing the game. Another mod is preventing players from the same group to friendly-fire.

To log on to the server, open the server list while in-game, press F1, write net.connect shadows.servers.qcrust.ca:28715 then hit Enter.

We hope you’ll have a great load of fun on our server!


Chat Rules

Simply try to keep a good ambiance with everyone
Griefing Rules

Griefing consist in building on someone else building, it’s tolerated only partially and here are the rules:

  1. Do not build any wall that would prevent someone from going out of his base (you can use Barricades).
  2. Do not replace or add any Metal Door on someone else structure (Wooden doors are tolerated).
  3. Do not build any house that require suicide to go in. (server is still too small for this kind of building)